Pogo Poppit

Pogo poppit is a simple puzzle game. The aim of pogo poppit is to just pop and go in order to score in this game click on group of two or more balloons of same colors . Some balloons have hidden prizes to release that prize just click on balloons of same color on the top of balloons having prizes. In order to win the game release all prizes and after releasing all the prizes you will earn a jackpot spin. After all the prizes are released try to pop the remaining balloons . If 5 or less balloons remains at last you will earn a bonus token.
Game Structure
On the right hand side you will see a bunch of balloons in which some balloons contains hidden prizes. On the left hand side you will see a wood displaying scores and below that you will see a cactus which is a friendly cactus named spike and whenever you will release a prize you will watch him cheering. When you pop a balloons having prize you will see a box dropped to the bottom of screen below bunch of balloons which means the prize is released. On the bottom left corner below cactus spike you will see number of tokens you earned by popping the balloons and releasing the prize. So this is the complete game structure of poppit.
You can play accordingly by popping group of same color balloons but still plan your move because you will have limited number of moves and when number of moves will over spike the cactus will tell you to undo your move or start a new game. If you remove all the balloons from the screen you will earn highest number of bonus token or you will earn small number of bonus if 1,2,3,4 or 5 balloons remains at last on the screen. You will earn a SUPER POP BONUS which will be in the form of token by popping a group of 8 or more balloons.
There are some helping powers that can be released sometimes instead of prize on popping balloons. The first power is pin, use the pin to pop a single balloon in the puzzle. The second power is weight, by using weight you can create a new group of balloons by shifting column to a row that you can pop. So just start playing this game and enjoy.